Working Freedom from the Inside

We invite incarcerated individuals in Santa Barbara County to practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness as an effective, evidenced-based rehabilitative therapy to reduce the impact of life's traumas and the  stress of incarceration. We seek to build the skills and mindsets that increase successful re-entry and reduce recidivism rates.

Our Mission

Peaceful Warrior represents advocating for rehabilitative programs in our prison system and supporting prisoners to be Peaceful Warriors while incarcerated and upon reentry.

Aum/Om is the sound of creation, the Namaste that symbolizes the union of individual consciousness with universal higher consciousness.

Hawk gives us elevated perspective. From this vantage point, one may discern challenges which bar freedom of flight.

"Thank you for the beautiful lesson – love of self and awareness of others. Please continue. Namaste."

Why Yoga?
Most prisoners have a history of mental, physical and sexual abuse with unstable home environments. Trauma leads prisoners to be in a perpetual state of fight, flight or freeze. Behaviors associated with trauma include drug abuse, compulsive, and reactive behavior.

Research studies—some prisoner specific—state that mind-body practices such as yoga taught with mindfulness are effective in healing unresolved trauma and reducing symptoms that lead to both reactive behaviors and stress-related disease.

Yoga is an effective, evidence-based, low-cost, rehabilitative therapy.   Yoga invites experiential learning by calming the nervous system and experiencing well-being and equality.

Yoga is easily accessible and it is easy for prisoners to continue practice once released.

Prison Yoga Santa Barbara is the only agency providing yoga and mindfulness skill training to incarcerated youth and adults in Santa Barbara County. We operated initially for five years as a volunteer organizationand have established strong connections with our partner facilities. We are now a 501c3.

Our sessions provide essential stress relief for the present and build critical skills for successful societal re-entry. The men and women we serve learn skills that will benefit them immediately and as they return to homes and jobs: learning to breathe, focusing on the present moment, slowing down their minds, learning how to cope with anger and stress, growing less reactive and more rational. In turn, positive change is felt by their children, families and communities as well.
Prison Yoga Project Santa Barbara