Our Mission

Prison Yoga Santa Barbara (PYSB) trains incarcerated individuals in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices in Santa Barbara County to reduce the impact of trauma and stress of life and incarceration as well as build the skills and mindsets that increase successful re-entry and reduce recidivism rates.
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Board of Directors

Ginny Kuhn
CEO & Founder
M.A. Spiritual Psychology

​• Christine
• Cecily
• Daniela
• Deb
• Ginny 
• Mark 
• Mike
• Jami Lee 
• Natalie
•​ Paul 
• Silla
• Steve
• Toby
• Vanessa

 Nimita Dhirajlal
Restaurant Owner • Culinary Arts Instructor • Meditation Instructor

Maria Antonia Durbiano, MA Clinical Psychology
Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Sheriff's Treatment Program

Mike Lewis
Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Day Reporting Center • Yoga Instructor

Maureen Murdock Ph.D.
Author • Educator • Psychotherapist • Photographer

David Powdrell, Treasurer

Deidre Smith
Sheriff's Department • Program Director

Prison Yoga Project Network
Founder Ginny Kuhn and some PYSB instructors have trained with James Fox, the founder of the Prison Yoga Project based in San Francisco, PYP now has an international network of trained providers working with incarcerated, re-entry, and parolee populations.