Our Vision: Yoga means to "yoke" or join mind, body, heart & soul. Our vision is to "yoke" the hearts of our  incarcerated neighbors with the hearts of our our communites through Prison Yoga Santa Barbara. PYSB has operated as a volunteer organization the past five years.  Now we have a waiting list of facitilies and requests to increase the numbers of sessions at our current sites. We appreciate your financial contributions to actualize this goal.  When we support and empower our at-risk population, everyone benefits.  
"I'm seeking peace within myself, to relax my mind and heart. I want to be present, focused, and sober and heal trauma."
​​To sustain our momentum and accomplish our intended growth, we appreciate your support in reaching our goal to be financially self-sufficient.
Your gift is tax deductible.
Federal Tax lD 81-5481858.

Your gift will help us accomplish the following objectives:
      $250        Sponsor an inmate for 6 months

      $500        Sponsor an inmate for 1 year

      $975        Sponsor 10 inmate for 3 months

  $3,750        Sponsor 10 inmates for 1 year

   Other Amount: $_____________________________​​
If you would prefer to donate by check, please mail to:

Prison Yoga Santa Barbara
315 Meigs Road, Suite #A144
Santa Barbara, CA 93109